Spanish Priests Applaud TFP Book






TFP Newsletter, Vol. V – No. 6 – 1989, Pleasantville, N.Y., page 15

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As the Spanish TFP's campaign denouncing the silent revolution of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party progresses, praise for the effort has come from all parts of the country. Noteworthy are repercussions from those of whom Our Lord Jesus Christ says, "You are the salt of the earth ... the light of the world" (Matt. 5:13-14). Reproduced here are several comments from renowned priests and theologians, some of whom graced the conferences of the TFP with their presence. These special conferences, launching the book Spain, Anesthetized Imperceptibly, Gagged Unwillingly, Misled Unwittingly: The Work of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, are followed by spirited street campaigns to spread the work in various cities.

At the Madrid launching of the book, Fr. Victorino Rodriguez y Rodriguez, O.P., emphasized that "this work is a perfect accomplishment; it is a culminating work. I read it at the beginning of [last] summer with enthusiasm and admiration. I did not think they could produce a masterpiece like this —and I am one who knows the TFP very well, especially TFP-Covadonga in Spain and the American TFP.

"It is a critique, an accurate vision of the sociopolitical and religious situation of Spain in which the treatment is given along with the diagnosis. A phenomenal book-denunciation with overwhelming documentation ... which reveals —and I want to emphasize this— the magnanimity of these young men of TFP-Covadonga, authentic cavaliers of Christ, magnificent for these works that they undertake and magnanimous for what they carry inside. Whether in Spain or in any of the other TFPs, already in 15 countries, I can testify that there is not one young man who does not carry a rosary in his pocket.

"I believe we can mutually agree with Saint Thomas' affirmation that good is stronger than evil and, therefore, the intercession of the Virgin is worth much more than all the stratagems contrived by the devil to lose our souls and to lose Spain. Congratulations and may you have much success in the dissemination of this book."

Dealing with the delicate and grave subject of implicit cooperation with evil, Fr. Salvador Muñoz Iglesias, canon of the Cathedral of Madrid, also stated at the Madrid launching: "This is the fundamental shortcoming of Christians today. It is a theme that requires much study but it is a most grave theme: the cooperation of one in the bad action of another.

"That is to say," he continued, "that together with the massive action of evil, there is the laissez-faire attitude of the good that lets itself be taken in by foolish slogans, by false modernity. ... In this sense, not only the title of your work Spain, Anesthetized ... Gagged ... Misled but also the subtitle, A Cry of Alert, is extremely well taken. Your book is fundamentally this. And it has to continue being so, in order that we who desire the good of Christianity in our nation will convert through an authentic cry of alert."

Desiring that Spain arise from the effects of anesthesia, he recalled the miracle at the wedding of Cana.

"Why did Christ change water into wine? How difficult would it have been for Him to change air into wine? The vessels were full of air. ... But no! He said to the servants: Fill the vessels with water and fill them to the brim.

"The point I want to make is that you realize that you are invited by Our Lord Jesus Christ to fill the vessels with water, to do your part. And to fill them to the brim."

In Malaga, Fr. Francisco Santa Cruz commented: "The timeliness of this book is much more important and much graver than you imagine. Its timeliness lies precisely in that the tactics of the enemies of the Church and of Spain have changed substantially in these fifty years."

At the launching in Seville, Fr. Antonio Royo Marin stated: "One must defend tradition, to faithfully defend the Christian family and the true social doctrine of the Church. The great sin of many Catholics today is the sin of omission. It is precisely this. ... We need campaigns like these. Tomorrow you will be here in Seville for a marvelous campaign of the TFP with their trumpets and drums."

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