Bulletin on the 15 TFPs, Vol. I – No. 8 – 1988, Pleasantville , N.Y. , page 5


Colombian TFP Defines Legitimate Self-Defense


With the present crescendo of vio­lence threatening public order, the Colombian TFP, commissioned by a group of farmers, has published a statement signed by many eminent jurists affirming the measures of legitimate de­fense that one may take in defense of hearth and home.

"The TFP Informs Public Opinion of the Clear Thinking of Eminent Jurists about the Application of Legitimate De­fense in the Colombian Countryside," read the announcement in the capital daily El Tiempo [6-8-1987]. Quoting extensively from legal pronouncements, laws and jurisprudence, the jurists' study affirms the legal basis for legitimate defense, es­pecially in remote areas that lack govern­mental protection and are thus attacked with impunity by guerrillas. He who at­tacks, the study claims, puts himself out­side the law, whereas he who defends himself upholds the law.


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