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Warriors of the Virgin


The Reply of Authenticity


TFP without Secrets







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Warriors of the Virgin: The Reply of Authenticity – TFP without Secrets 1
To the reader 1
Prologue – TFP's Patriotic and Effective Action against the Land Reform 'Hurricane' 4
1. The radical and egalitarian nature of the land reform movement rife in Brazilian Catholic circles 4
2. Urban, industrial and corporate reforms to be carried out in connection with Agrarian Reform………………………………………………………………………………...6
3. Egalitarian reformism and communism 6
4. How strong an impact will egalitarian reformers have?.........................................7
A. Weakness of domestic communist parties 7
B. Deep historical roots of Catholic leftism 7
C. Leftist, macrocapitalist media launch forth against TFP 8
D. TFP’s moral profile is defined before the whole country 9
5. TFP, a paladin against Agrarian Reform and of the anticommunist struggle in general, is target of a new publicity onslaught 9
CHAPTER I – The somber journey of the author of Warriors of the Virgin before, during and after his stay in TFP...............................................................12
1. JAP’s psychology as a young man before joining TFP............................................12
2. A high degree of subjectivism and introspection 13
3. Mr. JAP in TFP: parallel but contradictory processes – integration and crisis 15
4. Impossible conciliation 16
5. A solution of an eminently psycho-collectivist nature 17
6. The price of the solution …………………………………………………………17
Chapter II –Under the insinuating appearance of impartiality and good humor, a furious libel of vague and often implicit, but always well concatenated accusations 18
1. The main points of Mr. JAP’s accusations against TFP 18
A. Initiatory cult 18
B. Recruiting teenagers through Machiavellian methods of “brainwashing” or “subconscious manipulation” 19
C. Isolation from family and removal from natural ambiences 19
D. Shock treatment, iron-clad discipline, paramilitary drills to break the young man’s personality and form a typical, “robotized” TFP member..........................................19
E. The life of a TFP member or volunteer: under constant terror 19
E. An assembly line of nervous wrecks and madmen..............................................20
2. A conclusion contrary to evidence 20
3. A useful but missed lesson – the type of Brazilian Mr. JAP does not know 20
Chapter III –Subtle sleights-of-hand to disguise an absence of proofs 21
1. An accuser who is the sole witness and intends to be the only judge 21
2. A suspect witness, to boot 23
3. A veneer of sincerity and impartiality to convince without proofs 25
4. Mr. JAP’s peculiar display of impartiality ignores TFP’s public action almost completely and keeps mum about the profound roots of that action 27
5. Another recourse: to make himself likable to the reader… 27
6. … even to the point of recognizing his own weaknesses... 28
7. Though no one is obliged to prove his innocence, the TFP refutation does get all the way there 28
CHAPTER IV – “Brainwashing” and “cult”: clichés carrying a great emotional charge but empty of any real content............................................................29
1. “Brainwashing”: an implicit, craftily insinuated accusation 29
2. The mysterious mental process to which TFP allegedly subjected Mr. JAP: a fairy tale? A “show”? 30
3. OESP appears to make explicit the accusation that Mr. JAP preferred merely to insinuate 31
4. “Brainwashing,” a purportedly irresistible method to change people’s convictions and behavior 31
5. Fundamental difference between “brainwashing” and conversion 32
6. An expressive metaphor that has made it around the world 33
7. The proliferation of “cults” relaunches the metaphor 34
8. Cults: a merely pathological case or a much more profound problem?...................35
9. “Brainwashing:” a myth that denies the existence of free will 36
10. “Brainwashing,” a media slogan no high-level scientist takes seriously 36
11. The “brainwashing” theory, a threat to the legal system 38
12. “Manipulation of the subconscious,” another concept empty of scientific meaning 39
A. A concept intimately connected to that of “brainwashing” 39
B. Manipulation: a word that means everything and nothing 40
C. It is an error to see man as a merely passive receiver of influences in his ambience 41
13. One more laborious attempt at a scientific explanation: the alleged TFP initiatory process is said to take place through manipulation by “social interaction” or “group interaction” 42
CHAPTER V – Forced analogies between events in TFP and “classic” methods of “brainwashing”…...44
1. Are the seats’ ambiences scientifically planned to act upon the subconscious of those who frequent them? 45
2. Are TFP members and volunteers obliged to take a distance from family and other ambiences outside the Society? 48
A. TFP’s high vocation: to combat revolutionary psychological warfare, the principal tactic of conquest employed by communist imperialism today 50
B. TFP’s judgment on the modern family “in genere” 52
C. TFP and the families of its members and volunteers 54
D. “FMR”: a derogatory and insulting expression? 55
E. TFP, a factor of division inside families? 55
3. Are an iron-clad discipline and ‘shock treatment’ employed to extirpate from TFP members or volunteers all revolutionary remnants from their past life? 56
4. Standardization in thought and action to break the tefepistas’ personality? 60
A. Whether TFP imposes uniform thinking............................................................. 60
B. Whether TFP imposes standardization in the way of dressing of its members and volunteers 62
C. Whether there is such thing as a TFP behavior properly speaking, whether it is imposed and breaks individual personalities 63
5. TFP, a factory of madmen? 67
CHAPTER VI - Terror in the formation of a TFP member or volunteer 70
1. The action of the “Secret Forces”: a notion TFP did not fabricate 71
2. The devil’s action in the world: another issue not invented by TFP 74
3. The Fatima revelations, another reason for terror? 75
4. Recalling the pains of Hell is opportune at all times 79
Chapter VII - Chastity before marriage: an arbitrary imposition by TFP? 82
1. Chastity according to one’s state: a precept of the Law of God 82
2. Mr. JAP’s culpable division of soul – “He that loveth danger shall perish in it” 84
3. TFP recommends celibacy to its members and volunteers who freely desire it; but the Society never imposes it in any way whatsoever 85
4. Mr. JAP’s doubts and disenchantments 87
CHAPTER VIII - TFP an initiatory "cult" that "lures" adolescents by hiding its true nature and most profound goals? 87
1. TFP recruiting: a Machiavellian process to “lure” adolescents? Mr. JAP describes TFP system to recruit new adherents as an “allurement” process (WV pp. 72-74) 87
A. Vocations for activities such as those of TFP, which require disinterested dedication and heroism on behalf of a great ideal, are more frequently found among youths and adolescents 88
B. A conception of recruitment that completely ignores the informal habits of Brazilians 88
C. Mr. JAP gratuitously discards the ideological aspects of the TFP argumentation, seeing in it nothing but a most shrewd psychological artifice 89
D. The “common ground” tactic or “unperceived ideological transshipment”: other elements in TFP’s so-called “allurement method”? 92
E. The candidate: a passive being “around” whom a combat is waged between Good and Evil, angels and demons, who will inexorably drag him to one side or the other. 93
F. Personalized treatment for each candidate: the “theory of the three springs” 94
2. TFP, an initiatory society. Why? 96
3. Does TFP hide its true nature and ultimate ends? It is a civic society of religious inspiration, in perfect order vis-à-vis civil and ecclesiastical laws 97
4. TFP’s own pedagogy: a system adequate for the new generations 101
CHAPTER IX - Answering some scattered accusations 104
1. Reign of Mary, another notion TFP did not invent 104
2. Reign of Mary, a new Middle Ages? 107
3. What TFP thinks of itself and the role it will play in the Reign of Mary 109
A. TFP as a providential and prophetic entity 109
B. TFP’s role in the Reign of Mary 111
C. The TFP founder’s supposed immortality and his role in the latter times 112
4. TFP’s “secret monastery” 113
5. The 1975 “mutiny” 114
6. Prayers, kindness and well-wishing: general norms of TFP behavior toward those who left 115
7. The attack Mr. JAP fears 116
CHAPTER X – Warriors of the Virgin: a Hegelian-Freudian book that beckons a future religious persecution 117
1. “The left and the right are like tips of a horseshoe: seemingly opposed extremes but which almost touch each other” 117
2. Is any and every extreme necessarily exaggerated? 118
3. No ideal demanding dedication and sacrifice would be appropriate for truly adult persons 119
4. Life’s supreme wisdom is found in total relativism, in which nothing attains its ultimate consequences 120
5. “The Lord will not do good, nor will he do evil” (Soph. 1:12): the lesson Mr. JAP’s “experience” taught him 121
6. Is the deeper philosophical substratum of Warriors of the Virgin found in Freud and Hegel? 123
7. Relativism: an intolerant and exclusivist “religion” that ferociously persecutes those who dare believe in truths 125

Freud's thinking in Mr. José Antonio Pedriali's book, Warriors of the Virgin 127
Introduction 127
CHAPTER I - A regressive neurotic conversion 128
1. Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s Report 128
2. Freud's doctrine 129
CHAPTER II - Neurosis-provoking sexual repression imposed in the name of religious principles 131
1. Freud’s Doctrine 131
2. Mr. J. A. Pedriali's narration 132
3. First “scene”: giving up girlfriend and masturbation – Consecration to the Blessed Mother 133
a) Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s narration of the first “scene” 133
b) Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s narration of the first “scene” 134
4. Second “scene”: sexual aggression at school and sentimental relationship with a colleague; pathological feeling of guilt 134
a) Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s narration of the second “scene” 134
b) Freudian doctrine applicable to the second “scene” 135
5. Third “scene”: bathing naked in a lake, returning to masturbation and going to a brothel. Final break with TFP 136
a) Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s narration of the third “scene” 136
b) Freudian doctrine applicable to the third “scene” 137
CHAPTER III - Appearance of obsessive ideas 138
1. Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s version 138
2. Freud's doctrine 140
A. Religion's psychopathological formula 140
B. “Identification with the leader,” a regressive psychic phenomenon 141
CHAPTER IV - Pathological anguish caused by conflict between TFP-inculcated principles and the repressed sexual instinct 142
1. Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s version 142
A. A clear choice between the TFP ideal and a life of sensuality 142
B. Opting for an “unattainable” ideal creates an insoluble conflict 143
C. Breaking the unstable balance in the conflict between instinct and repression 143
2. Neurotic conflict and anguish according to Freud’s doctrine 144
CHAPTER V - Psychic determinism where instincts dominate reason and the will 145
1. Mr. J. A. Pedriali’s psychic determinism 145
2. Freudian psychic determinism 147
Contents 152

*     *     *

The original version (in portoghese):
Guerreiros da Virgem - A Réplica da Autenticidade, A TFP sem segredos

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