TFP Newsletter – Vol. IV – No. 8 – 1984 (




As part of its effort to foster the values of Christian Civilization, the Spanish Society for the Defense of Tra­dition, Family and Property—Cova­donga has been actively promoting the Spanish edition of the work, Half a Cen­tury of Epic Anticommunism. The book is a history of the Spanish TFP as well as of the first and largest TFP, the Bra­zilian TFP.

After being visited by a member of the Spanish organization, His Excellency Luis Franco, the Bishop of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, sent to the president of the Spanish TFP the following letter of encouragement:

"Illustrious President of the Sociedad Cultural Covadonga—TFP: Just recent­ly, one of your representatives visited me and during our conversation asked that I direct some words to you regarding the Sociedad Cultural Covadonga—TFP. It is with great pleasure that I do it.

"The Sociedad Cultural Covadonga was born of the most profound roots of the history of Spain and of the Catholic Church. The ideals that make up the motto that orients its activities — tradi­tion, family and property — are vital principles for all Spain; they are vital principles for our history.

"The campaigns that have been car­ried out and those that are still taking pla­ce undoubtedly touch the Spanish heart.

"Continue with them. I ask God and the Virgin that, for the good of Spain and its people, you may take them to the highest peak of splendor.

"With affectionate greetings and blessings, yours truly in the Lord, Luis Franco, Bishop of Tenerife."