The TFP Affirms That The Bishops Are Misinformed


Brasilia — “I note that those participating in the current debate about land reform are lacking information and don't admit it. This is the case, first of all, with the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, as I have noticed while putting the finishing touches on a study of their document The Church and Problems of the Land," affirmed Prof. Plinio Corręa de Oliveira, President of the National Council of the Brazilian TFP.

Prof. Oliveira added that "misinformation about Brazil's current situation permeates the document from one end to the other." "The meager sources they mention do not cover the wide-ranging affirmations made" in the document approved by 170 Bishops of the CNBB. "The document shuns the real facts and overflows with gratuitous presuppositions as well as vague and ambiguous generalities, all made in a vain effort to `conscientize.' I say vain because our people, who are much more intelligent than the authors of the document think, won't swallow foolishness unless they want to make jokes out of it," he went on.





After affirming that he noted various traces of Marxist influence in the document, Prof. Oliveira added that "it also implicitly reveals a lack of information about Catholic doctrine. These uninformed blabbers are perhaps unaware of the fact that they are playing with the future of Brazil." Maybe they don't realize that "a land reform made in the clouds with merely artistic aims can be more risky for us economically, and consequently socially and politically, than a hydrogen bomb."

"The land reformers want only one type of property for Brazil: small holdings worked preferably only by the owner and his family. And they want to apply this to both farming and ranching. They don't make any dis­tinction between all the different kinds of soils to be found in our 8.5 million square kilometers."

The Catholic thinker further stated that the progressives want "Brazil, a country rich in differences that have arisen from almost 500 years of persistent ingenius and successful experiences, to give way to a country carved like a huge block in which everything must be equal, whether it be wealth, power, education or anything else. Now this is exactly what Marxism prescribes."





But the question is "what experiments and statistics are there that can demonstrate that this tyrannical equalization can produce results better, or at least equal, to those of the present system? The land reformers don't say."

*     *    *

Translated from an article in the Diario de Pernambuco, Brazil, 6/13/80.